The Indigo Galleon is an amazing short adventure, written for Dungeon World, that places the characters in an extremely dynamic situation, with various factions fighting to achieve their goals, and leaves them completely free to pursue their own interests or their own ideals. Because the time they have is limited, it also forces them to make difficult choices.

After GMing it for the umpteenth time, I decided that this adventure deserved a translation into Italian and, perhaps, a version that could be used with different games.

Italian Translation Tri-fold

I translated the adventure and redid the layout: you can print it on cardboard, score the paper on the dotted lines, and fold it to get a portable pamphlet.

Il Galeone Indaco v1.1.pdf

It’s meant to be printed on A4 paper, which is the most common paper size in Italy.

System agnostic/OSR version

coming soon


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